Friday, June 6, 2008

This just in-Part 2!!

The sun has come out!!! It rained this morning for a bit, but was beautiful and sunny this arvo! We went out and did an easy lap on the bike in the arvo, loving the sunshine, and cruised up the hill, stopping to take a couple of photos on the way.

We even had a busload of Australian tourists get off a bus and ask us if the Degani Bakery kit we were wearing was 'The Degani Bakery' from Melbourne! So George's plan for worldwide domination in the cafe market is in full swing!!

We had a very cruisy day, ticking the arms over in the nicely heated (26 degrees) pool down by the beach, and followed by a very short run. 

We're all ready to rock in the morning, for those of you that want to follow us online the website is and there is a link to the live timing and video feed.

Our numbers are: Shae - 223
                                Carla - 443
                                George - 2097
                                Brett - 1805

The only problem for those of you back in Oz is that both the girls start at around 12.15-12.30am Sunday morning and George and I start at 2.25am and 2.45am respectively!

Thanks for all the posts on here wishing us good luck, we will be going as hard as possible and hope to kick some butt!!

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