Thursday, June 5, 2008

This just in.....

We have just been informed that the official water temperature has now dropped to 11.9 degrees!

The race director has decided to shorten our swim to 900m as they believe that the the people with the slowest swim times may spend up to 40mins in the water (for 1500m) and may be at the risk of hypothermia.

This may be a very valid risk, as two of the junior females were treated this morning and we have heard that one is still in hospital.  However, even though I hate cold water and found it very tough training in it yesterday, and in the end I may be thankful for the shortened distance, I am a bit disappointed and pissed off.

Every single person here should be at their peak level of fitness, and if they cannot handle the conditions, whether they be arctic, or heatwave, then it should be their personal decision on whether or not they want to start the race, or pull the plug halfway. 

This is a tough sport, and I believe that the results should reward the athletes who have put in the time and effort training, and who can produce the best result on the day whatever the conditions or distances. I have never believed or liked the altering of a course due to conditions or circumstances.

However I have also never swum 1500m in 11 degree water......


Steve.K said...

Hi mate,
I raced the World Aquathlon Champs in Queenstown in 03 in a lake that was 9 degrees. Bloody cold and I couldn't feel my feet for the duration of the run leg.
I thhink it might be the team management's fault that the water is so cold!! Wouldn't have happened in 06!!
Go till you spew!!

chelsea said...

Thanks Brett for keeping us updated, we love reading the blog and the photos are great. Give Shae a hug for us and tell her that we love her lots and to keep smiling. We are so proud of all of you - You're superstars!

The Thomas Family

toula said...

Hi Guys, Brett thank you for doing this blog the girls come back from school and jump straigh on and read whats been giong on. It's been great! We wish you all the best, and more importantly make sure you enjoy. George we love you and miss you!
Love the Pezaros's